Fitbit Charge HR, £119.99

No-one sold more wearables than Fitbit in 2015, and the Charge HR is the king of the brand’s fitness tracker line-up. Continuous heart-rate monitoring provides even more layers of detail to pore over at the end of a busy day hitting your workout goals.

Basis Peak, £129.99

Many fitness trackers require constant intervention if they’re to pick up on what you are doing – not so the Basis Peak. It automatically detects walks, runs, cycles and sleep, as well as monitoring your heart rate and providing notifications for calls, texts and emails.

Moov Now Tracker, £59.99

Fitness tracking with a twist, the Moov Now provides on-the-go coaching and guided workouts alongside keeping tabs on your movement throughout the day. The Moov also excels at accuracy in cycling and swimming tracking, thanks to the three sensors it crams inside its tiny frame.

Adidas FitSmart, £110

This robust and comfortable silicone band is an excellent training companion for regular runners, providing useful information including pace, distance and heart rate at a glance.

Xiaomi Mi Band, £12

This ultra-cheap fitness tracker is far more impressive than its modest price would suggest. The Mi Band has a 30-day battery life and provides step and sleep tracking automatically.

Withings Activité Pop, £119.95

One of the classiest trackers on the market, the Activité Pop is ideal for anyone put off by the idea of strapping anything other than a watch to their wrist. As well as automatic run and sleep detection, the Activité Pop can be taken for a swim, and the battery lasts a stunning eight months.

Garmin Swim, £129.99

Most everyday trackers are next to useless for dedicated swimmers, even if they’re waterproof. The Garmin Swim provides the stats swimmers need, including lengths, strokes, stroke type and your efficiency in the water.


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