Wireless cans have become so commonplace that some phone manufacturers are even willing to risk the wrath of the masses by not including a headphone jack on their handsets. While ridding yourself of ear-to-pocket wires is undoubtedly convenient when exercising, there are some downsides to opting for Bluetooth buds, mostly related to the battery and fit of the headphones. This makes picking the perfect pair for your needs vital, so here are some of Coach’s favourite workout-ready wireless headphones to consider.

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Best Value: Plantronics Backbeat FIT

The Backbeat FIT offers just about the most secure fit you can find in Bluetooth headphones at any price point, so the fact you can pick up a pair for around the £100 mark is remarkable. The battery life clocks in at an impressive eight hours (and the headphones notify you of how many hours are left every time you turn them on) while their durable, waterproof design will withstand almost any sporting challenge you can throw at them. The sound quality might not manage to hit the heights of some of the pricier options on this list, but the Backbeat FIT make up for that with their all-round ease of use. £99.99, with microphone £109.99, buy on amazon.co.uk

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Best Under £60: Philips SHQ7900CL

There can be real flops in the cheaper regions of the Bluetooth headphones spectrum, but the Philips SHQ7900CL (snappy name) offer great value for a very solid product. There are three different earbud styles so you can pick the best fit for you and a clever magnetic clip stops the cable from bouncing during workouts helping to keep the headphones in place. Battery life is a respectable six-and-a-half hours and the sound quality is decent considering the open design which allows ambient noise in to stop cars sneaking up on you when you’re out running. £59.99, buy on philips.co.uk

Best All Rounder: Jaybird Freedom

The perfect way to please everybody when it comes to sports headphones is to make them as customisable as possible. Everyone can get a perfect fit with the Jaybird Freedom due to the many different buds and stay-put wings they come with, and the tiny earbuds can be worn over or under ear. The sound is excellent, and can be set up via the MySound app to focus on whatever your favourite kind of music is, whether that’s bass heavy bangers or voice-only audiobooks. Perhaps the niftiest Jaybird innovation of all is a listen-while-you-charge clip, which attaches to the remote and doubles the battery life from four hours to eight. £169.99, buy on jaybirdsport.com

Best For Comfort: Bose SoundSport Wireless

A secure and comfortable fit is the key distinguisher to these Bose headphones, but they also sound great and boast a reasonably solid six-hour battery life. The headphones are quite bulky, but rest assured this never resulted in them toppling out prematurely. £139.95, buy on bose.co.uk

Best For Awareness: Aftershokz Trekz Titanium

These sit on your cheekbones and use bone conduction technology to transmit your tunes, so your ears remain clear to take in ambient noise. In practice, this works incredibly well, especially for cycling. The sound is clear and the headphone band is secure. £109.99, buy on aftershokz.co.uk

Best For Fit: Snugs Active Wireless

Your ear canals are like snowflakes – no two are alike and when you buy these you’ll get the inside of your ears 3D-scanned so the accompanying, custom-made buds are a perfect fit. This means no more having them fall out. Ever. Wireless Snugs from £199, buy on snugsearphones.co.uk

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Best For Water Lovers: Sony Walkman NW-WS410 Series

Most headphones and MP3 players struggle with wetness. The Sony NW-WS410 may not roll off the tongue, but it incorporates 4GB or 8GB of memory and wireless headphones in one, entirely waterproof bundle, so you can take your music into the pool. £80, 4GB; £90, 8GB, buy on sony.co.uk

Best For Sound Quality: Beoplay H5

An ideal option for audiophile exercise enthusiasts. They also boast an impressively durable design, and the nifty ability to turn off when you click the earbuds together – something that ensures you don’t accidentally leave them on and drain your precious battery. £199, buy on beoplay.com


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